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Before even releasing an LP, Pascal Letoublon had already left his mark on history – he is a young producer, who, almost overnight and thanks to TikTok’s viral pull, hoisted himself to the top of the Asian charts, was programmed in clubs throughout China and caught the eye of European record labels. All this down to a track visibly packed with universal charm, released in 2017, on a small independent label (Suprafive Records), whose vocal version has just been licenced to Virgin Germany, home to dance artists such as Felix Jaehn, Vize and Topic.


This hit is called “Friendships” - a house single with an infectious melody that thrilled those seeking the simple pleasures of light hearted dancing and grazed dizzy heights - 75 million views on YouTube, almost 40 million streams and a place in the Shazam Global charts for almost two years.


When we talked to Pascal Letoublon, 24, who lives near Besançon, he admitted that “Friendships” had taken time to emerge, and that it was born through trial and error, that it never occurred to him, not even for a second, that this track lasting less than four minutes could have been so successful, to the extent that it has become one of the most Shazamed songs in in China: “It all goes back to 2017. I had a few days off, I didn’t know what to do, so I strummed a few notes on my guitar, and then, two afternoons later, the song was ready. It was just a melody composed instinctively, that would have stayed on the shelf if my mates hadn’t encouraged me to  put it out there”.


Since then, Pascal Letoublon has not changed his working methods. This spontaneity, this desire to move forward unshackled, he has turned all this into a creed for his music. “The idea is to avoid getting wrapped up in compositions which are sometimes too complex” , he adds, aware that he has moved forward considerably since his teenage years, when he played in a metal band with a group of friends, before opening up little by little to electronic music, influenced by artists such as Pascal Junior and Lika Morgan. Today, Pascal Letoublon is especially aware that his career is about to shift to another level - new singles are regularly emerging, as well as a vocal version of “Friendships” which is about to be released. The French producer has in fact invited German singer Leony to guest on his hit which, for the occasion, has been renamed “Friendships (Lost My Love)” - a 2.0 version for which Pascal Letoublon has called upon world famous topliners such as Swedish artist Nea, who created the track “Some Say”, and Kiddo, present on the latest Robin Schulz. 


Because no-one composes hits used as the soundtrack to dance videos throughout the world without making the most of the consequences, Pascal Letoublon is now delighted with this sudden fame, yet overall, he is trying not to rush things. Since the summer of 2019, when he signed with Universal, he has therefore taken the time to think about his music and fine-tune his style. The idea? « To develop an eclectic world through different singles, the ideal format for bringing all my influences to the fore. »


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